It is by General Order 52 that we tell you the following is a player piano

John Bolduc
Sun Aug 28 16:29:47 EDT 2005

I was just glancing over the 1929 Federal Radio Commision's Annual Report
and noted a section discussion deception of the public as to origin of
musical selections.  In short, each and every performance broadcast, per
General Order 52, was to be idetified if it was from a phonograph record,
player piano, mechanical or electrical reproduction.  It further stated
that each selection within the broadcast needed to be specifically
designated as such, as listenrs often often enter the program at different
points in its sequence.

Seems as though I remember in my lifetime renants of this order, were at
least once a day an announcement was made that broadcast on the station
were possibly recorded or mechanical reproduction. 

Any thought?

John B
Derry NH

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