the old days: Jess Cain

Doug Drown
Sat Aug 27 11:27:19 EDT 2005

As the only Boston radio I can get up here (most of the time) is 'BZ, I have
a question: Is Jess still with us?  How old would he be?  (And, for that
matter, how old is Dave Maynard?)

--- Doug
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> I was recently sent an aircheck of Jess Cain on WHDH from 1967 and it
> was interesting to hear how things were back then. The show was very
> laid back and
> he played stuff like the Ed Sullivan Orchestra and Chorus (!) doing an
> song; he interviewed a "leprechaun" (sounded like he was doing both
> and he played "Penny Lane". But not the Beatles original--it was an
> music" cover of the song by Paul "Love is Blue" Mariat. (Not bad, too) I
> the Beatles version was too hard rock for him, eh?
> No uptempo jingles all the constant reminders of the call
> brief commercial breaks and then right back into a song...laid back
> morning show.
> Traffic with Kevin O'Keefe and he mentioned "the end of 93"--as I
> it, I-93 suddenly stopped a couple miles north of Boston but
> eventually they linked it to the Central artery...a connection was
> built but held up for a long time but when it finally opened--early
> 70s?--along came all that wonderful
> traffic...jams. In the news, Sen. McCarthy said he felt sure that Bobby
> would be running for president and RFK was asked same question; he replied
> "I wouldn't be running if I didn't think I had a chance to win". (the
> newscaster quoted RFK, it wasn't an actuality from RFK)
> Who would have thought he would fall to an assasin's bullet a bit over
> a year later. Now, I was
> 5 when this aircheck was recorded so I don't remember what life was
> like too much.
> Oh, and a commercial for L&M. Yup, ciggie ads still legal! Well, some
> on this board may be able to remember those days very well but some
> weren't even born
> yet (and to some I'm an 43! Yes I remember life before
> cellphones, microwave ovens, CDs...)
> Anyway, interesting to hear a soundcheck from the old days like that
> (and it was very good quality--sounded like it could have been
> recent!) I have some other
> old-days tapes (not many though) like one from '48, Bob and Ray on WHDH.
> And how many cookies did Andrew eat? Andrew ate 8,000. :) (Same broadcast
> had an ad for a harness track or some such thing on the corner of Lake
> and Forest Streets in Peabody. Long gone now)
> (Article: Time to elect Cain to Radio HOF:

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