The "new" Channel 50 from Derry, NH

Joseph Pappalardo
Wed Aug 24 01:47:09 EDT 2005

Some may remember Lou Bortone, who was promotion director at the old WJIB.
(It might have been Lou who came up with the "Couldn't you use a little Jib
today?" slogan.)

After spending some time doing communications for St. Anselms college, it
appears that Lou is now working with Ch 50 in Derry, here's an email that
someone passed my way.


   ...the following from Lou Bortone -- who has a fascinating idea for his
new TV:

Have you ever watched TV and thought, "I can do better than that!" or "I
have a great idea for a TV show!"  Well, here's your chance to  have your
say and take back your TV!

WZMY.TV, "My TV," is launching (in Mass & NH) next month and is looking for
your ideas!  My TV, formerly WNDS-TV  50, will be a unique, viewer-centered
local television station.  My TV  is your TV!  Viewers will have a say in
what's on, and will be featured in shows, online and on the air.  (So, you
wanna be on TV?)

Just click on to _www.wnds.com_ ( right now and vote on
what you want to see.  Then forward this e-mail to anyone and everyone you
know, and we'll start a groundswell of viewer-controlled TV!   Want a local
comedy show?
Log on to and let them know!  Want to see old 3 Stooges re-runs,
local talk shows or special New England travel  programs?  A Simpsons
marathon? Just tell them!

This new experiment in local "two-way" television can only  work if you
spread the word, and get people to visit _www.wnds.com_
( -- and make your voices heard.  Forward this e-mail to
all your friends in NH and Massachusetts and help us take back our airwaves!



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