1200 to Spanish?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 15:44:08 EDT 2005

A post on radio-info's Boston board said that WKOX 1200 in Framingham
started running Spanish language programming at 3 pm today, just after
Franken. I tuned in and it's true.

They were playing a song in Spanish, and then a DJ came on and I couldn't
really pick up what he was saying (no comprende, it's a riddle, as Wall of
Voodoo once put it) but there were words like "informacion" (news?)
and a commercial for a mortgage company (the English word "mortgage"
popped in a few
times, from the name of the company)

Oddly enough of the two AAR stations (now just one?) it seemed like WKOX
did slightly higher in the ratings, unless that can be attributed to the
fact that they ID-ed with their frequencies, with 1200 first...

Is it possible this is brokered time and maybe they're just doing the Spanish
stuff once in awhile? I get the feeling it could be permanent, though, even
though no mention of an abandonment of 1200 on the AAR Boston site:


Two posts on the discussion board do wonder what's going on--why is it
suddenly foreign language.

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