ESPN Boston local shows

Laurence Glavin
Tue Aug 16 17:14:18 EDT 2005

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> Media Blitz reports that ESPN 890/1400 will have a local show weekdays
> from 4 to 8 pm starting after Labor Day (host will be announced next
> week) and former Pats player Andre Tippett will do a Patriots pregame
> show on Monday nights.

I wonder if by that time, the WLLH-AM Lowell transmitter will be
back on.  I was up in Nashua recently to scope out the new WEVS-FM
88.3 antenna atop St Joseph's Hospital (Question: some hospitals
won't allow you to bring a cell phone on their premises because 
the radiation couild affect sensitive instruments, but it's ok
for St Joe's to have a 5,000-watt FM transmitter on the roof. Weird.)
and I also sampled AM 1400 to see if the ESPN broadcast on that 
frequency reach Nashua.  It was dead, indicating that
the feeble sound I heard only sporadically was the one emanating
from the Lawrence skyscraper.  If and when Lowell goes operational,
even if it doesn't get into downtown Nashua well, it will offer
a nearly local-grade signal to Dunstable, Tyngsboro  and Pepperell,
so denizens of those towns will often get duplicate programming.


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