Voices From The Past

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Fri Aug 12 17:55:36 EDT 2005

The Dick Summer Binder and Binder spots run on the Al Franken show on the
network, so they're not just on WLIB. I guess Binder and Binder buys WLIB
during fringe time, which would explain why the spots are on Maddow's show,
and also buys the Franken show on the network. WKOXKS carries several of
those spots every weekday during the Franken show. I don't think I've heard
them on other shows, however.

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> My dial scanning today (08/12) brought voices from the past:
> I usually listen to Rachel Maddow's wake-up show at 5:00
> am on WLIB-AM 1190 out of NYC.  It comes in very well then,
> so I get New York advertising rather than the occasional
> spots plus repetitious PSA's from WXKS/WKOX that I heard
> when power-up time for them was earlier. Anyway, one
> commercial on WLIB was for a company called Binder & Binder,
> voiced by Dick Summer, a formerly well-known WBZ-AM dj.
> Then later in the day, I happened upon "Battle Line with
> Alan Nathan" on WCCM-AM 1490.  His guest was Danny Schecter,
> the news dissector (I guess he still calls himself that) discussing
> shortcomings in US Intelligence pre-9/11.
> Danny was on WBCN during the early years of the so-called
> rock revolution.
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