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Dave Faneuf
Thu Aug 11 18:51:32 EDT 2005

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> Neither a person or a news organization has a legal duty to report.
> If I heard Person A say that he was going to kill Person B, I have 
> no duty 
> to tell anyone what I know, even if I believe it.  (Some 
> professionals are 
> mandatory reporters under statutes, but they are the exceptions to 
> the 
> general rule.)
> For me to have criminal liability as an accessory, I would have to 
> do 
> something to help or encourage Person A before the killing or I 
> would have 
> to help cover up the crime or help Person A escape or get away.

Again, I'm not an attorney, but didn't they expand the laws regarding
criminal liability following the Big Dan's Rape Case in New Bedford a
number of years ago?   

Regardless of criminal liability I would think it would certainly be
within the realm of possiblity that a successful civil suit might be
filed depending upon the information gathered and withheld and whether or
not it could have reasonably prevented the catastrophic event.

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