My hypothetical

Dave Faneuf
Thu Aug 11 12:15:04 EDT 2005

My hypothetical assumes that the reporter uncovered information about lax
security that could have prevented a catastrophic event but that the
hypothetical news outlet decided to delay broadcast until sweeps which
occur AFTER said catastrophic event occurs.

Criminal charges?  I suppose I (not being an attorney) would look through
the statues regarding accessory before the fact.  

Civil suits?   I would think that other occupants of the building might
have grounds to bring a suit against the hypothetical news outlet for
squashing the story and the FBI for allowing the conditions to occur.  
(maybe even find out what beer they drink and sue them too! LOL)

My hypothetical does not assume the government applied pressure on the
hypothetical news outlet to kill the story, only that the news
organization was aware of a potential for public harm and instead of
reporting the story immediately, decided to not to kill the story, but to
hold the story until an important ratings period and during that
"holding" period the catastrophic event that might have been exposed
and/or prevented, occurs.

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