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> Who says AM is dead?  In Portland, WGAN is #1 12+.  That hasn't 
> happened in how long?  Maybe 25 years.
> Frank is #2 but numbers are down slightly.
> Who says Oldies are dead?  A good book for WYNZ.  It must be Chuck 
> Igo's good work.
> Saga has 3 of the top 5 stations.
> Right wing talker WLOB, with a lineup mostly of Fox hosts, had 
> ratings 150% higher than the local Air America station.  And that 
> is with competition from WGAN.
> The Air America station tied with WBZ and Bob Bitner's WJTO -- 
> which got a whole number in the ratings!

Alternative right-wing yakkers don't always fare that well;
Boston's WTTT-AM 1150 has yet to show any kind of number to
the right of the decimal point after YEARS of fairly 
well-know syndicated hosts (Praeger, Bennett, Medved,
Reagan, Schlessinger, etc). Many have posted on this
site about AM 1150's signal shortcomings, but it IS
a full-time 5,000 watt station below the police calls...
thus somewhat superior to the WXKS-AM/WKOS duo.

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