Herald: WBZ fires Jonic after FBI story flap

SteveOrdinetz hykker@grolen.com
Fri Aug 5 07:43:27 EDT 2005

At 02:33 PM 8/4/2005, David Tomm wrote:
>Oh, what a steaming pile of crap that is!  Conservatives love to throw the 
>word ""terrorism" around as an excuse to scare people, muzzle the alleged 
>"liberal media" and chip away at freedom of the press.  Look, if that 
>story was to air, I'm sure the FBI could make arrangements to address the 
>problems and beef up security in compromised areas within hours.   The 
>real story is that the right wing federal government is trying to cover 
>their asses after woefully underfunding homeland security over the last 
>couple of years. This story makes them look bad. They intimidated WBZ into 
>caving.  That should scare the crap out of any newsperson no matter what 
>your political leanings are.
>Lets see, the government intimidating the fourth estate....sounds like the 
>old Soviet Union to me.....

Whoa, dude!  Chill!

No one is "chipping away at freedom of the press" and we're a long way from 
the old Soviet Union.

Do you also write press releases for the NRA (if we take Uzi's out of the 
hands of civilians we're on a slippery slope to a police state...after all 
these weapons have legitimate sporting uses, right?)?

Funny, no one seems to mention the part of the article that says she was 
suspended previously for insubordination, which is exactly why she was let 
go this time.  Yes, it can be frustrating for a reporter to have a story 
killed, but those decisions were not hers to make.  I think you'll agree 
that CC'ing her memo to all newsroom employees was not a good career 
move.  Not sure what she was trying to accomplish by doing that. 

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