Air America, et al..

Scott Fybush
Mon Aug 1 23:38:38 EDT 2005

At 11:27 PM 8/1/2005 -0400, Larry Weil wrote:
>At 11:02 PM -0400 8/1/05, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>>I wonder how hard Clear Channel is trying to sell advertizing for those 
>>stations.  Could it be
>>as Bob suggested some months back, that Clear Channel is signing up Air 
>>America on its
>>stations in order to kill it?
>Speaking of Clear Channel, I heard last night on Drudge that all CC 
>stations (at least the ones that have news) will be carrying Fox News.

As usual with Drudge, there's some truth to that, yet it's not quite 
completely correct.

CC did a group deal with, well, itself (Premiere, which distributes Fox 
News Radio) to put Fox content on the CC stations where it makes sense. 
It's not necessarily replacing all other existing news content - for 
instance, WHAM here in Rochester keeps CBS News and ABC's Paul Harvey, but 
will use Fox newscasts instead of CBS at the top of the hour overnight. And 
they won't put it where it doesn't make sense. You won't hear it on WHJJ or 
WKOX/WXKS. And it won't appear on the music stations at all.


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