News about Air America

Joseph Pappalardo
Mon Aug 1 00:14:59 EDT 2005

> On 31 Jul 2005 at 11:10, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
> > But if I see clouds, and point out to you that there are indeed
> > clouds.....
> If you point to a crystal clear sky and tell me there are clouds, I'm
going to wonder what
> substances you've been taking.

If you see a crystal clear sky where many of us see clouds, then we can
assume you have faulty eyes?

(I am asking this question rhetorically...simply to show that it goes both
ways.  Again, what we have to accept is that people see things differently,
and come to differing conclusions about the same facts, texts, sights, etc.
This is part of polite discourse.  Insisting that everyone see things one
way (MY way), reach my conclusions, have my values, understanding, and
inherent bias, etc....only hurts the course of civility and breeds contempt
for others.

I say this, understanding that both sides do this.  My responses to your
"the left does this...the right does this" to show simply that it
works both ways.

Second, it wasn't....'crystal clear' and 'clouds' was 'partly cloudy'
and 'overcast'...which does more easily illustrate how people can have
differing perspectives.

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