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hykker@grolen.com hykker@grolen.com
Sat Apr 30 08:48:49 EDT 2005

Keating Willcox wrote...

> Well, I guess not everyone likes the new format.....
> UPDATE: We at SaveStar.org have been
> overwhelmed by the love and support from the
> listeners. Please continue to gather signatures and
> write letters to the Entercom folks--this is only the
> beginning!
> * CLICK to Save Star

Some people really have too much free time.  While I don't find "Mike" to
be anything I can listen to for more than 15 min. or so and have my doubts
that this format has any legs, I have even more doubts that an on-line
campaign to bring back "Star" is gonna have any affect on Entercom's
decision to dump it.

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