Minot,, Ohio?

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> I wonder if the author ever tried to call the electric company for
> information when the power was out to a quarter of a million people, on a
> Sunday night no less?
> Even the local Police have trouble getting through on their "priority
> numbers" ....during an IN season snowstorm...and what do you get told by the
> Electric Company when you get through?...
> 1) a couple of hours
> 2) by morning
> 3) we are working as hard as we can
> 4) we get there when we get there
> This is dog bites man....think I need another example of a deficiency in
> local radio....
> Roger

Just asking:  shouldn't major media outlets have special
numbers to reach utilities, just as they may have to contact
law enforcement officers?  I remember that on one occasion, 
when a blizzard knocked out (then) Continental Cablevision,
and WCCM-AM (then at 800) carried non-stop local coverage, 
I called the radio station about deducting that day's 
NON-service, and later Bruce AHnold announced that Continental
would do just that.  Calling Continental directly yielded
no response, so WCCM must have had a private number.

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