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Keating Willcox kwillcox@wnsh.com
Tue Apr 26 12:08:22 EDT 2005

Ratings are in in NYC and tough luck for Don Imus. Any ideas why he is 
doing worse? Will he get the ax? What about those of us who need to get a 
life before ten AM? Will we need to switch to something new???

Also, more ominous, John Batchelor is not doing as well as before. Any 
chance we will lose him?

Keating Willcox  ~/~
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Longmeadow Way - Box 403
Hamilton, MA 01936-0403
508-954-1282 fax 978 468-1954
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For The Record
Formidable and Poincare operate in Boston MA.
Two hour Boston Harbor excursions from our dock at
Waterboat Marina  - Aquarium T stop
walk 200 yards to end of Long Wharf
we are on the left.

Sparred Length 72 feet, length over all 55 feet,
length at the water line 49 feet, draft 8 feet, beam 16 feet
and rig height 55 feet.
Formidable is inspected by the Coast Guard and permitted to carry 
passengers on day trips.
We offer an extensive day charter schedule, including fund-raising for 
Visit our web site and join us! www.tallshipformidable.com
Formidable is rigged as a brigantine. Her main mast carries the spanker and
her foremast carries square sails fore tops'l , and fore course, as well as 
several jibs and stays'ls.
Poincare is a brig and sets three square sails on each mast.
Formidable is licensed for 49 passengers, and operate four 2 hour cruises 

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