Two views on Prog. Talk

Sid Schweiger
Sun Apr 3 17:24:20 EDT 2005

>>It's simply a replacement of the existing 10 kW unit, which is 20
years old (assuming that WKOX didn't use a "pre-owned" rig when it
increased to 10 kW D and went fulltime in 1985). Sid Schweiger would
know whether WKOX's current TX was
new in '85  because he was CE of WKOX at that time. I don't have a clue
about whether WKOX would retain the existing TX as an auxiliary after
new unit is installed. The current auxiliary is a 1-kW unit--presumably,
was the main TX back when WKOX was a 1 kW daytimer.<<

Well, I was there, but I wasn't the CE.  The 10 kW rig was new at the
time...a Continental.  The Gates BC-1G that was the main on 1190 was
kept as the backup, and the Raytheon 1 kW aux was scrapped when we went
to 1200.

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