WBIX on at night

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Mon Sep 27 20:34:11 EDT 2004

Tonight, WBIX began operating at night with something greater than the
couple of watts it had been running under PSSA from Philadelphia sunset
until two hours after Natick sunset. The power probably isn't the full 2500W
authorized in the station's CP for night service, but it may be more than
the 330W authorized in the program test authority granted by the FCC on
August 18. If WBIX is, in fact, currently running just 330W at night, the
2500W signal (when and if it gets on the air) will be surprisingly good at
my location. According to Bob Carpenter's AMSTNS program, even though WBIX's
CP authorized construction of 2500W facilities and co-located WAMG 890 runs
3400W at night, WBIX's 2500W night signal in the direction of my house is
supposed to be just a little bit stronger than WAMGs--the result of WAMG's
significantly narrower pattern. It has been almost 25 years since 1060 as
WGTR first put its ill-fated night signal on the air. Over the last few
years, several owners have plowed a lot of money into WBIX's night signal.
It's good to have another AM signal on the air in English at night in
Boston. although not so good that WBIX is broadcasting Bruce Williams's DULL
program, which is also carried on WBNW (about three seconds earlier). Even
if WBIX is running only 330W at night, the signal is better than
WBNW's--maybe not as loud, but there is less interference, and a lot less

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