Interesting Underwriting

Bob Nelson
Sat Sep 25 03:18:38 EDT 2004

>>Interesting to see a commercial radio station advertising on public radio

Speaking of which, I've gotten a couple tapes of some Toronto
stations, Foxy 88.5 and Jazz FM (91.1) and they seem to be hybrids
of public and commercial. Of course, Canada doesn't restrict
non-commercial stations to between 88 and 92 MHz as we do. At
least it seems that way.

So you'd hear a commercial, followed by "music on Jazz FM is under-written in part by..." Of course, some say that public radio/
public TV underwriting announcements are pretty close to commercials,
as it is...

So, I wonder...what if the FCC were to nix the "non-comm. only"
rule for "left side of the dial"? Instead of having pledge drives,
a station like WGBH-FM could be like that commercial/public
hybrid I mentioned:

blues songs on "Blues on GBH"
Commercial: Ben and Jerry's
Commercial: Land's End
Promo for "All Things Considered"
Donorship acknowledgement

Back to music

...and perhaps with commercials being accepted, there would be
no need for federal funding ...?

Oh well, silly idea...The commercial radio interests would soon
be putting the same-old-same-old on those frequencies.

No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding.
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