NY Times Jr. Cops Out

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Fri Sep 24 17:09:03 EDT 2004

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>Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 01:46:37 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
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>Subject: Re: NY Times Jr. Cops Out

> Perhaps what they meant by "public" radio stations is NPR affiliates.

My comment to the corrections department (sort of sounds like
a penal institution when you put it that way) did in fact
begin by noting that not all "public" stations are as they say
NPR-certified.  They could have used that.  WERS for example
has a following (soon to be diminished by your departure) that
recognizes it as a public station, although not even NPR or
PRI programs overlooked by the Bif Two don't wind up there.
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