ESPN 900 WSNH Nashua NH, no more WMEX ? ? ?

Laurence Glavin
Fri Sep 24 16:57:27 EDT 2004

>From: SteveOrdinetz <>
>Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 07:28:03 -0400
>To: <>
>Subject: Re: ESPN 900 WSNH Nashua NH, no more WMEX ?  
> This is most likely a brokered show..."Muttman's" previous sports talk show 
> aired on WSMN and WKXL until a contract dispute got them booted 
> from studio space at WSMN.  Given the nearly non-existent spot load doing 
> oldies maybe they decided to go with something more saleable (or at least 
> not require a local morning show)?  Seems odd after recently changing to 
> the "WMEX" imaging though.
Spot load?  Remember that WCCM-AM 1490 COL Haverhill, "attempting"
to serve the Merrimack Valley, was ESPN Radio for some time after 
the switch from 800 khz.    It did nothing for WCCM's spot load,
something I mentioned here several months ago. (All the "spots"
I heard during newscasts were national, and not very prestigious:
"People judge you bu the words you use", or hair growth potions,
that type of thing.)  It's odd that WSNH is going this route 
that apparently has failed for WCCM, WSMN and most notoriously
WWZN (i.e. bird-fed sports).  For a while Air america Radio
listed WSNH as a future affiliate.
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