NY Times Jr. Cops Out

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Fri Sep 24 01:46:37 EDT 2004

Perhaps what they meant by "public" radio stations is NPR affiliates.

WRIU, and most other non-comms in RI, are student programmed 
college stations. There are no other NPR affiliates, and the WRNI 
donors, who are now angry because they feel that their contributions 
were in vain, contributed specifically toward NPR programming (and 
"NPR style" local programming for RI from WBUR) on WRNI/WXNI.

Though Rhode Island has other technically "public" stations, it has 
no other outlets for the NPR programming that was on WRNI/WXNI.
Those listeners/contributors are not looking for college student radio.

Eli Polonsky

> Yesterday (09/22) the Boston Globe ran a WIRE story on the potential sale 
> of  PRovidence's WRNI.   It included the statement that WRNI was Rhode 
> Island's only public radio station.  I e-mail a correction to 
> comments@globe.com, their submission e-mail address. I pointed out that 
> that the state had about a half-dozen stations between 88.1 and 91.9, the 
> span of frequencies for public FM's.  I also noted that at least one of them, 
> WRIU-FM in Kingston was fairly strong and could be picked up by many 
> residents of Baja Massachusetts.  Today,  the Globe replied that the 
> correction would be forwarded to the Associated Press, the originator of 
> the story, and the paper itself probably won't print it.  Duh.

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