Hannity blackout on WTKK?

rogerkirk rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net
Thu Sep 23 16:14:29 EDT 2004


I'm Outraged!

No flames, please!

Never mind.

I'm outta here.

Gotta go make a Red/Blue Decision.

Mutter, mutter,.....

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>After calling WTKK, I was told that since the majority of the Hannity/O&A
>discussion as going to be about XM Satellite Radio...that WTKK opted not to
>run a one hour plug for satellite radio.
>They ran the other hours though...
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>> Last night while at work I was listening to the thrilling Red Sox win, but
>I also wanted to tune in to tape-delayed Hannity via WTKK from time to time.
>At 10:07 pm, there was the intro--but it was Scott Shannon saying "Thank God
>it's Friday!" It was a re-run of a show from last week...and when I tuned in
>about 12:30 am, it sounded like a "radio rewind" of Severin.
>> So I thought "Maybe Sean took a sick day or something came up" but on
>Sean's website there's a pic of Sean interviewing Opie and Anthony on his
>_radio show_ (not just the TV show he does with Alan Colmes) from Wed. the
>22nd...did 'TKK screw up and not get the
>> audio file of the show, or did they decide to not run it because of the
>O&A bit? (As I've said before, am not into O&A but was interested in hearing
>the "how far is too far" debate)

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