Hannity blackout on WTKK?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@myway.com
Thu Sep 23 15:52:44 EDT 2004

Last night while at work I was listening to the thrilling Red Sox win, but I also wanted to tune in to tape-delayed Hannity via WTKK from time to time. At 10:07 pm, there was the intro--but it was Scott Shannon saying "Thank God it's Friday!" It was a re-run of a show from last week...and when I tuned in about 12:30 am, it sounded like a "radio rewind" of Severin. 

So I thought "Maybe Sean took a sick day or something came up" but on Sean's website there's a pic of Sean interviewing Opie and Anthony on his _radio show_ (not just the TV show he does with Alan Colmes) from Wed. the 22nd...did 'TKK screw up and not get the 
audio file of the show, or did they decide to not run it because of the O&A bit? (As I've said before, am not into O&A but was interested in hearing the "how far is too far" debate) 

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