Air America dumped in Portland

A. Joseph Ross
Thu Sep 23 00:10:50 EDT 2004

On 22 Sep 2004 at 11:11, Bob Nelson wrote:

> Moore had hugely successful "documentary" films and books. Yet many
> people, myself included, bought a book called "Michael Moore is A Big
> Fat Stupid White Man" which dared to fact-check his work. Some feel
> he's a brilliant man, some a con man. If Moore really felt confident
> about his ability to debate someone like Sean Hannity, why wouldn't he
> agree to? 

Well, it sorta depends on the terms of the debate.  If it means appearing on Hannity's show, 
where Hannity controls access to the mike and can cut him off whenever Hannity doesn't like 
what he's going to say, I wouldn't bother.   I don't know that much about Hannity, but I know 
that's Bill O'Reilly's tactic.  As soon as you say something he doesn't like, he says, 
"Shutup, just shutup" and tells the engineer to cut your mike.  I wouldn't go on his show if 
they paid me.

Well, maybe if they paid me a really LOT, which they won't.

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