Air America dumped in Portland

Dan Strassberg
Wed Sep 22 13:08:54 EDT 2004

Sounds as if you've never listened to Michael Medved. Whenever a caller
calls with an argument Medved doesn't like, Medved says something to the
effect of, "let me rephrase what you just said." He then pots down the
caller, states a completely different argument that is more to his liking,
and proceeds to demolish the argument that the caller never presented. I
have never heard him give any caller on whom he has used this tactic a
chance to say on the air that the "response" failed to address the caller's
issue. Many other conservative hosts, and probably some of the few liberal
hosts, use this same shopwarn tactic, although I think most are less
heavy-handed and strident than Medved. Of all the conservative hosts I've
heard, only Hannity appears to rival Medved in stridency. That perception
may be related to the timbre of their voices; both remind me of fingernails
being scraped across a blackboard.

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> I know the liberals on this list will disagree with me on this,
> but sometimes it seems that liberal callers/guests will "change
> the subject" when questioned on a conservative talker's show.

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