Air America dumped in Portland

Bob Nelson
Wed Sep 22 11:11:22 EDT 2004

>>Or use the platform to hype their new XM (or is it Sirius?) show? 

Well, Hannity did say that that's why they're on but he will
discuss the topic.
>>It'll never happen.  Moore is nothing but hot air and half-truths.  He wouldn't last 5 minutes in a debate.

I know the liberals on this list will disagree with me on this,
but sometimes it seems that liberal callers/guests will "change
the subject" when questioned on a conservative talker's show.
I've given the example before of Laura Ingraham attempting to
interview someone from Lawyers Against the War but he refused
to answer her initial question of whether or not Saddam's being out of power was a good thing. He hung up in disgust after she tried
politely to ask him this, then when her producer called him
back, the man called Ingraham names off-air and refused to go
back on.

Moore had hugely successful "documentary" films and books.
Yet many people, myself included, bought a book called
"Michael Moore is A Big Fat Stupid White Man" which dared
to fact-check his work. Some feel he's a brilliant man,
some a con man. If Moore really felt confident about his
ability to debate someone like Sean Hannity, why wouldn't
he agree to?

No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding.
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