Air America dumped in Portland

Tue Sep 21 20:20:39 EDT 2004

Larry Weil wrote:
>At 06:46 PM 9/21/2004 -0400, Daniel Billings wrote:
>>Nassau is  dropping  Air America from 870 WLVP Gorham/Portland and 
>>replacing it with ESPN radio.
>>If liberal radio can't make it in liberal southern Maine, its viability 
>>nationally has to be questionable.
>I think it's a stretch to extrapolate the national viability of a format 
>based on the decision of one station.  Perhaps, they just got a better 
>offer from ESPN.

Works both ways.  Lots of extrapolation of AA's national viability after a 
successful first book in Portland, Ore.  Like many other formats, what 
works on one market may not in another.

>I still can't figure out why some right-wingers are so afraid of another 
>point of view being aired.  Are they really that insecure in their 
>convictions that they can't stand to hear of something else being aired?

That works both ways too.  Liberals seem to make a big fuss about how 
conservative the media is, when they really mean commercial talk radio. 

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