Bill O'Neill
Sat Sep 18 10:50:07 EDT 2004

Cooper writes:

> On forest products, I agree...  However, tourism is a
> completely different story.  The advertising dollars
> from the tourism industry is what allows the Mt
> Washington Valley to have two fully staffed radio
> stations....  Not counting the citadel owned
> flamethrowers on top of Mt Washington(WHOM and WPKQ).

Agreed. One thing you can set your watch by in the tourism market is change of
seasons.  This season is in the tank? Wait a QTR. Most are pre-buys, anyway.
I've wondered why national or regional buyers don't exploit tourist-market
stations (well-executed ones) more.  Out-of-staters can hear spots for
products also available back in their home market and the message keeps on
comin' even while they are de-stressing, some downtime, credit cards dancing
in the streets.  Plus, the rates are a paucity of what their larger, home
markets can garner.

Bill O'Neill

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