Credit where credit is due

Scott Fybush
Thu Sep 16 23:54:32 EDT 2004

Could the Curse of Susan Bickelhaupt finally be lifted?

The Glob's Clea Simon published an article today purporting to be a survey 
of what's out there on the dial for commercial radio listeners in Boston, 
and while it was woefully incomplete on the AM dial (listing only 680, 850, 
1030, 1060 and 1090 - and what's with the Glob's longtime fascination with 
WBIX's program listings, anyway?), it was remarkable in one respect:

Not a single call letter or frequency was incorrect. Nor were any AM 
stations represented as "Wxxx-FM," or vice versa.

Truly a red-letter day in Boston newspaper history. My hat is off to the 
Boring Broadsheet of Morrissey Boulevard for daring to rise to the absolute 
minimum level of competency that it's long striven for. We should all have 
such a remarkable committment to the most basic level of accuracy in print 
journalism from our local dailies. Huzzah, o Junior New York Times! Huzzah!

Perhaps there is yet reason to believe that in our lifetimes we shall see 
TV listings that don't include both "WBPX(46)/WPXB(60)" and "WBPX(68)" in 
the same cable grid. But then, we can also hope that the Red Sox won't blow 
it down the stretch in late September. These are truly times when anything 
can happen, my friends. Hope is on the way.

(In our next installment, we tear what's left of our hair out whilst 
examining the radio listings in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle's 
Sunday TV book...)


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