Andy Soule
Thu Sep 16 12:21:07 EDT 2004

Never met him.  He did mornings up there for years.

Local legend had it that his parents owned the station prior to Mark
Osbourne, and his indefinite employment was part of the terms of sale.

I think their tower problem has likely cooled for a bit, and would go away
entirely with a new owner.  Save your lunch money.

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Subject: WSYY Jock

> Just got this one off the AP wire.  A David Keys,
> former WSYY Millinocket employee(jock??), was
> sentenced to a year and a half in prison for posession
> of child porno.  The name isn't familliar.  Any heard
> of him?  Heard him?
> Speaking of WSYY, what is the deal with their tower problem?
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