Still, We Believe

Chuck Igo
Mon Sep 13 19:13:00 EDT 2004

Just finished watching the DVD version of the Red Sox 2003 Documentary
of "Still, We Believe."  

1) nicely done

2) timing was perfect.  5 sets of fans, different races, creeds, colors,
sex and physical limitations, all rabid (and accustomed to it) red sox
fans in a year that saw an improbable run end in an all-too-familiar

3) representation of the media played a crucial role.  From the NESN and
Red Sox Radio announcers to the WEEI morning show (with a nod to Glen
Ordwary for his nicknaming of "angry bill").  One portion of the
"deleted scenes" focused exclusively on the opinions of two of WEEI's
regulars (Angry Bill and Jermaine (sp?)) on each other, and on the
hosts.  Interesting takes on "sports radio" listeners and callers, with
Jermaine having to steel himself up to finally jump into the talk-show
fray.  Also included were a few snippets from Gerry Callahan on his
thoughts on the callers-in-particular. 

The entire production was being filmed "independently" of the
characters' interactions with the Red Sox play and the individuals'
lives, meaning that the first time the primary "fans" had a chance to
interact was at the movie's premiere.  The producers/filmographers did
manage to "prod" the two above mentioned principals (Bill and Jermaine)
on their opinion of the other, but otherwise, there were some very
interesting takes on the Sox, and some great reflections from even the
Red Sox players themselves on media in their "love of the game."
(references to Vin Scully, TWIB and more)

I won't (I promise!!!) tell you how the film ends. 

But for $20, I'll tell you what happens at the end of "Titanic."

- -Chuck ("bleepin'"'s a pretty good middle name) Igo

For those who wonder:
Bucky "Bleepin'" Dent
Bill "Bleepin'" Buckner
Aaron "Bleepin'" Boone
Grady "Bleepin'" Little
Harry "Bleepin'" Frazee

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