WKBR (was: Has The Mouse Gone HD?)

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
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Before what is now KMZT went full-time, it was transmitting daytime only
from the same rooftop site it now uses but with a four-tower DA. And yes,
you are correct, the COL was San Rafael. The power from the Oakland site may
have originally been 5 kw with 8 kW coming a bit later. The mods to the DA
to allow the 230W night operation consisted of adding the wire between the
tops of the two west towers and the drop-line fifth "tower" suspended from
it. I also recall something in the application about replacing the ground
system on the warehouse roof with something more substantial than the
original (very non-standard) chicken-wire mesh, which had apparently
corroded away in the salt air after only a few years(!) And I think I'm
right that, when the station first moved its TX to Oakland and its COL to
San Rafael, its calls were KKHI, long associated with the classical format
in the Bay area--on a frequency just a little way up the dial from 1510.

Now, isn't the owner of KMZT the rather eccentric guy who owns 1260 KSUR in
Beverly Hills (or wherever) and a 540 station in Tijuana, and for many years
held an unbuilt CP for a highly directional 540 in the Central Valley with
very unusual facilities (including a COL 80-some miles from the TX)? Seems
to me I heard that the steel for KMJ's four new 800+-ft towers east of
Fresno was originally ordered for the 540 station.

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> I suspect the confusion probably comes from 1510's fairly recent change of
> COL; it was originally a ND daytimer (1 kw?) licensed to San Rafael in
> Marin County.
> > Piedmont which is a section of Oakland is located in
> > Alameda County, east of the Golden Gate Bridge.
> >
> > Roy Lawrence
> > San Francisco, CA
> >
> >
> > --- Dan Strassberg <dan.strassberg@att.net> wrote:
> >
> > A
> > small 1510 station (KMZT 8 kW-D/230W-N DA-2) licensed
> > to Piedmont, in
> > Marin
> > County, north of the Golden Gate Bridge, has its
> > five-element DA atop a
> > warehouse near the waterfont in Oakland.
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