WKBR (was: Has The Mouse Gone HD?)

SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Sun Sep 12 08:07:24 EDT 2004

Laurence Glavin wrote:
>I was scanning AM frequencies in the twelves, and noticed horrendous
>hash on WKBR-AM 1250, Manchester, NH.
>The honchos at WKBR and
>WTSN may want to cry "foul" because this interference is occuring
>about 35 miles north of the WMKI transmitter, almost
>into NH!

I'm wondering what future WKBR has anyway.  Apparently Steve Silberberg has 
gotten the OK from Goffstown's lack-of-planning board to build an 
industrial park on what is currently WKBR''s tx site.  The site was logged 
off about a year ago, and last weekend I noticed that bulldozers had been 
at work...some of the work seemed awfully close to where the ground system 
would be.  Since that station hasn't had either any appreciable audience or 
revenue in close to 20 years, the land (45 acres) has gotta be worth far 
more than the license.  I really doubt he (or whoever buys the property) 
really wants a 5 tower DA taking up half the property.

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