Herald: Air America on WKOX, WXKS (AM)

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Sat Sep 11 13:10:53 EDT 2004

>> http://theedge.bostonherald.com/tvNews/view.bg?articleid=43752
>> The Herald reports that according to sources, Air America will
>> be running its programming soon on Framingham's WKOX (1200)
>> and Everett's WXKS (1430)
> Well, there, two major powerhouses.  I hope that the folks at WRKO and WTKK
> are filling out their resumes.  When these two blowtorches, er, cigarette
> lighters kick on, both of their listeners will be glued.  Was 1150
> unavailable?

Well, though neither of those have the "big" sound of a 50,000 watt
boomer, a simulcast would give them pretty good daytime coverage of
greater Boston. 

WXKS's daytime signal covers within all of 128 pretty well, and WKOX
daytime gets all the west suburbs and metro-west out to Worcester.

Nighttime would be more spotty, WXKS would still get the immediate
metro-north Boston towns, downtown Boston, the immediate north
shore, and a bit of the tip of the coastal south shore, but doesn't
really go inland west or south of Cambridge worth anything at night.

West of 495 would lose WKOX at night, but they'll still get Boston's
metro-west suburbs with a fair to middling signal, and they're weak
but still listenable in areas just west of Boston that get very
little of WXKS-AM at night , such as Brighton, Brookline, Newton...


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