WODS And The History Of Rock & Roll

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Fri Sep 10 13:45:36 EDT 2004

On 9/6/04 10:52 AM, "Mark Watson" <markwats@comcast.net> wrote:

> 2. Just after Midnight I tuned in to WODS and heard "Hall Of Fame Coast To
> Coast" with Tom Kent, which is a satellite delivered oldies show that WWBB
> (101.5 Providence) runs in overnights. Just wondering if WODS is going the
> same route and cut staff in the process? Maurice Wilkey was doing weekday
> overnights and Scott Roberts weekend overnights.

WODS has been running this show for a number of months now, only in a
two hour slot Sunday nights between the end of Barry Scott's "Lost 45's"
at 11 PM and the beginning of Wilkey's regular weeknight overnight shift
beginning at 1 AM. They used to have various fill-in DJ's come in to do
this little two-hour slot, but it appears that they decided instead to
fill it with a satellite fed show.

Since I'm still hearing Wilkie doing 1:00-5:30 AM Monday through Friday
and Roberts doing the Friday and Saturday overnights, I'm guessing that
they're only using the satellite show to fill the two hour gap between
the end of the "Lost 45's" Sunday night specialty show, and resuming
of their regular weeknight schedule with Wilkie at 1:00 AM Mondays.

Eli Polonsky

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