WBZ Expanded Traffic & more

rogerkirk rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net
Mon Sep 6 18:50:50 EDT 2004

A follow-up note on BZ's Expanded Traffic for Labor Day Weekend:

I've listened carefully this weekend.  No change in announcer lead-in, no change in promos, no change in length/content of traffic reports.  Hampton & York tolls added as they are every weekend during the summer.  In short - nothing discernibly different.  Go figure.

Note:  The "Monday" promo that runs every weekend only had Gary & Deb.  Gil Santos was conspicuously absent with LaPierre touting a Monday Sports Wrap-Up and no mention of Gil.  Long Weekend, Gil?

I wonder:  Is Mr. LaPierre doing his morning shift from FL?  If not, why not?  First-hand reporting would be Marvelous!  And Risky!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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