WBZ Sports Question

rogerkirk rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net
Mon Sep 6 16:17:53 EDT 2004

Anybody out there (poster/lurker) knowledgeable enough about the inner working of WBZ-AM to explain this?

On occasion, Walt Perkins (weekend warrior at BZ), while delivering the sports, will slow his delivery, stop in mid-sentence and then slowly pick up speed and continue delivery of the sports.  It's as if somebody is talking to him in his headset and distracting him badly.  I have noticed this on several occasions -  especially on remote broadcasts (as was today's)  A few weekends ago (when Muqtada Al Sadr was on a tear and one of the newspeople called him "MOKE-tuh EL sa-DORE") it seemed as if almost everyone at BZ that weekend was having the same problem.

Are the BZ on-air personalities distracted by headset chatter?

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