How big media shortchanged the public

Donna Halper
Sun Sep 5 15:44:30 EDT 2004

>Steve wrote--
>Not exactly an objective article.  But then did we really expect anything 
>other that left-wing babble from the Phoenix?

Well, it's not a Phoenix article per se-- it comes originally from Project 
Censored, which operates out of Sonoma State College in California.  And 
while some of what's in the Phoenix is certainly left-wing, I think it's 
dismissive and unfair to ignore the award-winning Phoenix media critic Dan 
Kennedy, who is considered a moderate rather than a left-winger, and is 
widely quoted even on right-wing sites.  Also, not everything in the 
Phoenix is 'left-wing babble' just like not everything in the Wall Street 
Journal is right wing propaganda.  Aaron Brown of CNN was right when he 
said on the air last week that we no longer listen to each other's points 
of view-- right wingers read their own sites (or watch Fox or listen to 
various right-wing radio talk shows) and left wingers read theirs (or watch 
PBS or listen to NPR, which, by the way, studies show is becoming less and 
less left-wing and moving more to the center), but few respectful exchanges 
of opinion occur anymore.  Even shows that try to bring both sides together 
often deteriorate into shouting matches.  It's sad.

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