WDRC-FM drops "Oldies" for "Big Hits"

David Tomm nostaticatall@comcast.net
Sat Sep 4 02:07:24 EDT 2004

The term "oldies" never really fit in Hartford.  WDRC-FM only used it 
for the last few years.  Prior to that, the station was known for many 
years as "Big D 103" which was spun off from the original slogan their 
old AM Top 40 format used in the 60's, "Hartford's Big D."  I never 
understood why they dropped "Big D 103" in the first place.  That term 
was well branded in the market.  People knew the station played oldies 
music, and could locate it on the dial.  WDRC-FM never really got any 
ratings spike by switching to "Oldies 102.9."  Their identity has been 
unclear and they blew off some of their heritage when they made the 
change.  By switching to "Big Hits" it's somewhat closer to their old 
slogan, plus it gets rid of the ineffective "oldies" term--at least in 

I doubt that WODS will drop their moniker anytime soon.  They seem to 
have a steady listening audience and their branding is 
well-established.  It works for Boston, and unless the station 
experiences major ratings erosion, I can't see Infinity messing with 
the name.


On Sep 3, 2004, at 8:25 PM, Howard Glazer wrote:

> After a couple of weeks during which the air personalities were
> noticeably omitting the "Oldies" in "Oldies 102.9," WDRC-FM Hartford 
> has
> relabeled itself "Big Hits 102.9 DRC-FM," playing "the Biggest Hits of
> the '60s and '70s." On air, the station is being announced as "Big Hits
> one oh two nine," with no "point."
> And so oldies -- at least by that name -- disappear from the Hartford
> airwaves. How long will Boston's Oldies 103.3 hang on to its moniker?

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