Talk from and Easier Time

Bill O'Neill
Wed Sep 1 19:16:36 EDT 2004

What follows is a letter submitted to the editor, Lowell Sun, published on 8/30:

I hosted the Bill O'Neill Show on WCAP for a number of years. We relocated to
the Champlain Valley in Vermont in 2000.

Hearing of Flossie Wilson's passing at age 81 was significant for the fact that
it brought back such wonderful memories of genuinely good conversation on many a
Saturday morning on the radio. It was an easier time. There was no "9-11." The
only political challenges were lurking in the shadows of the Clinton oval
office. The dollar was up. Gas prices were down. A Saturday morning talk show
meant for an early awakening - well worth the effort.

Flossie Wilson, rest in peace. I can't think of Flossie without her daughter,
Rossi. The duo of "Rossi and Flossi" would call the show, sometimes on two
different extensions in their home, and make for good radio. Flossie was a
member of a very special group of callers. "The Developmental Hour," as I called
it, was six to seven in the morning. Early Saturday morning. It was quite likely
that a mere handful were up and about throughout the Merrimack Valley, fewer
still, tuned to WCAP radio. (Many would try to dispute that fact but it felt
better to think that it was just a select group.) I could always count on a call
from Flossie in those early hours. It was that time of morning where there was
no need to rush. No hurry. We could just sit back and "talk."

"Bill O'Neill, how you DOIN'?! I haven't spoken to you in a LONG time." I can
still hear Flossie's voice, rich with a genuiness so rare. She, no doubt, made
calling talk radio appear easy, and for that I am thankful. She inspired others
to join the conversation.

Flossie's sign-off would be as memorable, "God bless you, Bill. I'll call you
next time." God bless you, too, Flossie. Peace.

Bill O'Neill
Shoreham, Vermont

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