Al Franken Cambridge Show NOT Open To The Public

A. Joseph Ross
Sat Oct 30 23:27:21 EDT 2004

On 30 Oct 2004 at 16:30, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> I find it very difficult to believe the attention Franken is getting.
> He stopped being funny when he once proclaimed, "I'm good enough, I'm
> smart enough, and dog gone it, people _like_ me."  A brilliant
> comedy/sketch writer.  I don't remember when he ever became relevant
> to political discourse, however.  I've given it a shot checking out
> his medium market sounding show on the Burlington affiliate.  And I'm
> a patient man!

Well, I enjoy listening to him.  But then, it isn't because he's 
funny but because he tells the things that are going on, in plain-
spoken language and, unlike Michael Moore, he is scrupulous about 
getting his facts straight.

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