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Bob Nelson
Thu Oct 28 04:40:59 EDT 2004

>>When the Red Sox last won the World Series, my father was six years old.  Too bad he isn't around to enjoy this

Yes, sad. My own dad is still with us (will be 84 in Feb.) and he was born 3 years after the last Sox WS victory. To show you just how long it's been, I believe Ted Williams wasn't born yet when the '18
Championship happened (I think Ted came along in '19, and joined the
Sox 20 years later).

A toast to those who did not live to see this:
--Ted Williams
--Ken Coleman
--Ned Martin
--Bob Starr
--Victoria Snelgrove (would-be broadcast journalist who died at
21 in last week's riot)
--Tom and Jean Yawkey (or as Yaz would say, "Mr. and Mrs. Yorkey")
--former baseball commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti (a Red Sox
fan, I hear)

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