Air America in Providence

Dan Strassberg
Sat Oct 16 01:01:48 EDT 2004

920, a legacy station--used to be WJAR. It has an excellent signal. The
half-wave towers (tallest of any Providence AM) are located in a salt marsh
south and slightly east of Providence. It's nondirectional days (two towers
nights with a side-fire figure-eight pattern beamed north and south) and is
a relatively easy catch where I live in Arlington Heights. The closest
interfering signals are 910 in New Britain (Hartford) and 930 in Rochester

The station that intereferes with WXKS south of Boston is probably the 1420
in (I think) New Bedford. Both stations have strong daytime signals on Cape
Cod and there is, I believe, significant normally prohibited overlap between
their daytime 0.5 mV/m contours. Whichever station was on the air first must
have been asleep at the switch when the other was built or upgraded.
However, if you were trying to listen to WXKS in Brockton itself, you were
probably getting the 1410 that is licensed to Brockton. The Brockton station
is also second adjacent to WPLM (AM), which is not very far from Brockton,
albeit directionalized away from Brockton.

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> Al Franken today welcomed 920 in Providence as a new affiliate.  I was
driving in Brockton
> this morning and turned to it for awhile.  From Brockton the signal was
strong.  It sounds like
> the station is doing a variety of talk programming, with only a couple of
Air America
> selections.
> In Brockton, on my car radio, WXKS 1430 suffered interference from some
other station, but
> WKOX 1200 came in well.  920 from Providence had a good signal driving
north until I
> reached West Roxbury.
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