Howie Cah

Bill O'Neill
Tue Oct 12 22:35:46 EDT 2004

Gotta give credit when it's due.  I've been tuning over to Howie Carr on 
WVMT (620 Burlington) the past few days.  Had been awhile.  I notice 
that without "VB" or another voice popping in from control, he's running 
a tighter show.  Getting to calls more efficiently and engaging the 
callers a bit better.  I noticed that he would grab a caller's opener or 
one-liner, pot down and talk over to the next call.  He is letting them 
come up for air, when warranted.

'Tis the season. You gotta consider that in the run-up to the general 
election, these are times where talk shows are easier to drive than a 
tricycle.  It's the week or two _after_ the election where the rubber 
hits the road. 

Glenn Beck isn't heard in the Boston area.  He is on 'GIRs group and 
here in Burlington as well as WGY.  He is one funny guy.  Wacky, but 
balanced with very good execution. Creative production is better than 
one might expect from a relatively new voice.  Moron Trivia is good for 
a chuckle...except when I'm stumped, too <g>.

Just felt like saying something nice about the least today.

Bill  O'Neill
Shoreham, Vermont

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