Stern dollars

Sid Schweiger
Tue Oct 12 14:51:27 EDT 2004

>>Yes, but I can forsee the administration claiming that Stern 
posseses Words of Mass inDecency and poses a clear and immediate 
threat to the moral fiber of this great country.  Not having the 
patience to wait for a coalition of religious leaders to join us, 
they will send in the FCC troops to overthrow Howard before he 
can destroy our youth, free the Sirius people and let the roots 
of fear, caution and blandness take hold and grow.<<

Only one problem with that scenario.  In order to regulate the content of satellite radio, they would also have to regulate the content of cable, pay-cable and satellite TV, which they currently keep their grubby little paws out of.

Not to say, of course, that they won't try.  In this country, at least, the human endeavor has yet to be invented which the government will not attempt to regulate.

And if they succeed in regulating that content, they are setting themselves up for the same problem they have now, in that the rules on indecency are applied arbitrarily and unfairly.  Courts don't generally like that.

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