Stern dollars

Fri Oct 8 23:51:06 EDT 2004

Shawn Mamros wrote:
>Terrestrial radio will have to become more locally-oriented if satellite
>radio does catch on, no question about it.  But I don't see that translating
>to the "full-service" format maing a comeback.

Just because programming originates in a studio in your city doesn't make 
it "local".  I've heard plenty of "local" jocks whose idea of show prep is 
getting a bunch of artist tidbits or jokes off some website.
Of course, the $1.98 question here is what does "locally-oriented" 
mean?  Ask 10 people, get 11 answers.  Casey Kasem almost single-handedly 
killed off local top 30 countdowns.

"Localism" most assuredly does NOT mean returning to the way radio was done 
in (insert year you thought radio was great here), or as you mentioned 
returning to full-service radio.  WHDH went talk for a reason.

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