Strange reception on TV this evening

John Bolduc
Fri Oct 1 22:29:32 EDT 2004

I was over at my folks house in Londonderry NH this evening, attempting to
watch the Red Sox on Channel 38. Nornally Boston UHF's coming in a touch
snowy using the single telescoping rod that comes with the TV.

Reception of 38,25,56,44 was just horible earlier this evening. However,
Providence on the same TV on UHF 28,36,64 was coming in fair to good, and
usually it takes a good outside antenna at this location to just get a
poor to fair signal.

I realize we must of had some ducting/skip conditions this evening, but I
don't recall ever seeing it were it favors in one area further away
(Providence) and nearly makes useless other normally watchable stations
that are closer and nearly in the same direction (well almost).

Derry/Londonderry NH

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