AM on XM

Sid Schweiger
Fri Oct 1 08:44:13 EDT 2004

>>they just play the Cruisin' album<<

No, they don't.  One of those albums is not nearly enough to fill four hours.
>>Arnie Ginsburg told me that the WMEX was a re-creation, it wasn't an actual aircheck.<<

All of them are re-creations.
>>There was an entire set that ran from something like 1956 to 1962.<<

The original set ran from 1956 to 1962.  1955 and 1963-67 were added later, still in the vinyl era.  After the albums were re-released on CD (and hacked to death; most of the CD's had some songs taken out and others put in, and the edits are horrible), 1968-70 were added.

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