Accepting the Nomination

Paul Hopfgarten
Tue May 25 09:51:56 EDT 2004

Which makes all the more a crime what the DNC is doing to Boston for the
Convention (Party of the working people my a**!)

Also a Yankee-Red Sox thing here too...Putting aside which party is in
Boston and which is in NYC, it does make Bosotn look like a third-rate city
because we have to close everything off, where that does not seem to be an
issue in NYC.

If we hadn't sold Ruth in '19, we wouldn't be closing down 93 in Medford

-Paul Hopfgarten
-East Derry NH

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On 24 May 2004 at 18:53, Dan Billings wrote:

> The history is irrelevant to the story.  The story is about campaign
> finance and trying to game the system for political advantage.  There was
> no public funding of Presidential campaigns back in the times that you are
> talking about.  Including such info in stories would simply muddy the
> story and distract from the central issue.  Parties used to actually pick
> their nominees at conventions and that is also no longer the case.  That
> history also has little to do with the current news.

Both parties game the system in whatever way they can.  The Republicans
gamed the
system by choosing a date in late August, so that Bush would have more time
to spend
unrestricted funds.  The Democrats, expecting the nomination fight to last
longer, gamed the
system by choosing an earlier convention to give the nominee more time to
unify the party,
which is no longer necessary.

Absolutely no news happens at either political convention.  Both conventions
are nothing
more than political rallies.  The magic words "I accept your nomination"
don't make it any

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