Accepting the Nomination

Dan Billings
Mon May 24 18:53:38 EDT 2004

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Subject: Accepting the Nomination

> I suppose the failure of the media to put this in historical perspective
may be partly due to
> the fact that nobody at the media knows their history.  But I would have
thought the print
> media, at least, would do some research.

The history is irrelevant to the story.  The story is about campaign finance
and trying to game the system for political advantage.  There was no public
funding of Presidential campaigns back in the times that you are talking
about.  Including such info in stories would simply muddy the story and
distract from the central issue.  Parties used to actually pick their
nominees at conventions and that is also no longer the case.  That history
also has little to do with the current news.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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